The More Things Change

Everything started changing a little over two years ago. However, a lot of things have stayed the same.

While my marriage is over, I still live in the same house in the same town.  I still have the same job.  I still have the same sons, although they have changed quite a lot.



Harmon (previously the Wiz) and Micah (previously Gameboy) are now tall young men.  Both are sophomores.  Harmon is in high school and is passionate about drama.  Micah is at college, and is working through a 3/2 engineering program.

I have the same job.  I have the same car.  We still have chickens.  We still have Maisie and Davy, but they are getting so much older.  We lost Lulu this winter (she had just turned 13).So in some ways, much of this is the same, too.

Harmon and I still spend lots of time driving to Seattle Children’s.  We still try to make it fun, but now he’d rather do something than buy something.


Last week, we went to see his rheumatologist and he had his bone marrow biopsy. This is at the Bellevue Botanical Garden.  It was a lovely place to spend an afternoon.

For the first time since my ex went to seminary, the boys and I have a permanent home.  We aren’t moving around.  Their father has moved away, but we’re in the same place and have been for 9 years now.  We are happy to stay here.

But I’m not a trailing spouse anymore.  I am working on who I am now, or who I was all along, but burying because I thought I wasn’t acceptable.  It has been interesting to learn who I am, and I am realizing that I do like me.

So I’m writing about my life again.  Or my shared life with 1.5 sons (Micah is half in/half out of my home now).  Either way,  I think it’s good to be back.

But I really need to rename this place.  Or start fresh to go with my new normal and new name.



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Sacagawea Heritage Trail

Today I went to the Tri-Cities and hiked part of the Sacagawea Heritage Trail in Kennewick.  It’s a 23 mile loop (which I did not complete, but I will take my bicycle and ride the whole thing some time) that is on both sides of the river.  There was a lot of time alone on the trail, but there’s also a lot of traffic from both hikers and cyclists.

I made it about 12 miles, part of which was a side trip to Bateman Island.

Bateman Island

Bateman Island

Sacajawea Heritage Trail 004

A view of the Columbia from the causeway to Bateman Island

Sacajawea Heritage Trail 011

A snowy egret

Sacajawea Heritage Trail 012

View of the river from the bridge near George Washington Parkway.

The rest was along the Columbia river.  I managed to hike all the way to the bridge near the George Washington Parkway.  I didn’t think I’d be able to, but it wasn’t quite as far as I thought.

There are lots of little parks along the river, and a marina, and places to launch a kayak. This is probably somewhere I can hike in the winter, too, so maybe I’ll be able to get fresh air through the winter, too!


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Adventure Time!

I have not been doing a very good job of taking care of myself.  Ever since I started working full time, I’ve been really bad about spending almost all of my non-work time doing work around the house.  That’s really not good for me.  I’ve been trying to come up with time to do something else. So, I am vowing to take off Sundays (right now the whole day, but once we’re back on the regular schedule after lunch until dinner).

One of the things I should be taking advantage of is exploring all of the places we have around here to hike.  Today I went to Hat Rock State Park, and hiked the tiny trail to Hat Rock (so named by Lewis and Clark),

The park's namesake

The park’s namesake

Hat Rock State Park 014

Boat Rock

ate lunch looking at a spur off of the river, and then hiked part of the Lewis and Clark Memorial Trail (about 2.8 miles, then I turned around and came back).

Hat Rock State Park 015

One of several trailheads

Hat Rock State Park 028

The mighty Columbia

Hat Rock State Park 026

Basalt formation

It was hot, and it’s very dry (you can see that we have very little green), but it was cool to walk along a similar path as Lewis and Clark.  Part of the path was covered in tumbleweeds, which is not something I’d have ever expected to see in my life.  Now it’s just something that I tend to be unsurprised about.

Now to plan next week’s adventure.


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Adventures in the Midwest

On the 12th of June, Game Boy (who will be a senior in the fall) and Wiz (who will be in 8th grade in the fall) finished up at school.

On the 13th of June, we left for the midwest. We drove from Walla Walla, Washington to Northern Kentucky/Cincinnati.  It’s been a long time since I’ve been back.

Midwest 2014 066

Birthday girl and her birthday shortcake.

While we were there, The Collar’s mother had her birthday, so we did what every family does.  We had a picnic in the park.


It was a lovely day, and we saw a pretty big chunk of the family.

While we were there, we also went to the zoo. It was probably the first time in an extremely long time that I was there and it wasn’t after one of Wiz’s hematology appointments.  It was so weird not to have the stress of that before going to the zoo.

Midwest 2014 205

That’s some serious side-eye, Mama.


After that, we went to Kansas City, to see more family and to celebrate my dad’s 80th birthday, at the park.

Midwest 2014 387

My father is the one in the hat.

We stayed at my sister’s, where the boys hung out with some cousins, I drank too much wine with my sister, and we had a good time.  It was good to see everyone.

However, I remember reasons that I like where we live now.

  1. Low humidity.
  2. No mosquitoes or chiggers
  3. We have climate, not weather.  IOW, we don’t have tornadoes and have to attempt to drive through skies that are rotating.

It was a good trip, and I hope that we can make it again sometime in the next few years.  Hopefully, we won’t try to make the drive in as short of a timeframe as we did this time.



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Time to Write

I haven’t written anything in a very long time.

No real reason.  I’ve just been putting it off.  Apparently I think that I should be doing other things rather than writing on my blog.  This is sad, because I like remembering the snippets of my life that I’ve written.

Today this little guy (5 years old)


looks like this (age 13) :
Winter 20132014 022It’s been an adventure.  Now I need to start writing about them again!

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We went to Banff this year for vacation.  There were a couple of reasons (one of which is to have a chance to actually talk to our children without all of the distractions) and the other is we wanted to use our passports again. I know that’s a strange reason, but it was one of our reasons.

Banff is beautiful.



IMG_1787 - Copy One of the most beautiful places on earth.

IMG_2061We found out that my knees were up to hiking and managed to explore some beautiful spots.

IMG_1833And we’re seeing the boys continuing to grow.

IMG_1794I know that the time is coming that at least one of them will be leaving home (he’s already thinking about college), so there may not be as many shots of them like this one.



Tomorrow is the first day of school for both the boys and me.  Things may calm down, but only because we’ll be back on a schedule.  Happy Autumn!

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Time goes faster

the older the boys are. This summer was so busy and fast.

Game Boy is now 16.

At the Teahouse on the Plain of Seven Glaciers

At the Teahouse on the Plain of Seven Glaciers

and now has his driver’s license. He’s already driven himself to marching band practice, work, and next week to Link Crew.

Wiz spent a lot of time with me going over the mountains to Seattle.  We added a new doctor to his team (rheumatology), and I am extremely grateful for my car.  It has been a four trip year this year, and there is a fifth one scheduled for December.  AWD is something that will make the trip a lot easier.

Both boys went to camp, and the Collar was a chaplain.

Our chickens have grown up and are laying eggs.

We went to Banff so we all have added a new country to our list.  The Collar still wins, obviously, but at least the boys and I now have two!

Standing in front of Lake Moraine, Banff National Park

Standing in front of Lake Moraine, Banff National Park

And there’s only one more week before school starts.  And the fair is next weekend!

So in the immortal words of Ferris Bueller: “Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it.”   This is what I’m trying to do.  Stop and look around a bit.

So yes, boys, we do take you places that don’t have cell service.  Just so we all have to stop and look around.

I’ll be back soon to post more about Banff.  It was a lovely trip.

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